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How To Check Vehicle Mileage For Free

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How To Check Vehicle Mileage For Free


In the old days, physical documentation was the only way of checking or verifying a car’s mileage. An MOT certificate and a logbook, or service history were the two ‘go-to’ documents in question. However, such documents can be doctored relatively easily and a car’s odometer can be lowered. This heightens the car’s selling price but heightens the risks for potential buyers.

What’s the big deal?

There could be huge problems down the line; if, for example, gearbox oil changes or belt changes are not carried out, due to a car’s mileage being inaccurate. Modern cars have fixed or set periods at which certain things need to be done, so this false mileage will be ruinous for an engine in the long run.

car engine


Records that used to be kept on paper have gradually been replaced by electronic records; on the one hand good news, because car dealership records, exhaust outlets, tire shops and government MOT websites, check our free car history check will all have a digital footprint, making it easier for you to ensure that the car you’re buying is what it should be, especially in terms of mileage.

Digital clocking

On the other hand, the old days saw the possibility of the manual winding back of an odometer, thus giving the illusion of a younger or less driven car; yet, modern technology has made this easier rather than harder, and certain companies will provide the service of ‘mileage correction’. There are valid reasons for this practice, such as the changing of the size of your tires or doing garage modifications involving running the motor and wheels; however, it is illegal if this practice is not declared when you come to sell the car.


Mileage check plus

Quite often, a wider, more comprehensive vehicle check will incorporate a mileage check, as part of a whole raft of other things, such as an outstanding finance check or accident check or even VIN check (Vehicle Identification Number), which can check for a whole range of other possibilities on a central database. There are many websites that can offer you a free service, and a minimal fee for a more bespoke report.

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