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Free MOT History Check

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Free MOT History Check

Buy and drive used cars with confidence; get a free MOT history check through Just Car Checks.

Our MOT Check Includes:

Our MOT checker is free to use. Simply enter your registration number (number plate) to get started. You will receive everything you need to know about a vehicle’s current and historical MOT records.

Our MOT History Report Includes:

  • Current MOT status: Find out whether the car has a valid MOT.
  • MOT due date: Find out when the next MOT is due.
  • Last 7 MOT test results: Find out the dates and results of the last 7 MOT checks.
  • Refusal notes: Find out why the vehicle failed past MOTs.
  • Advisory notes: See any advisory notes from previous MOT checks.
  • Mileage history: See the mileage history for the last 10 MOT checks.

What Makes Just Car Checks Different?

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Here at Just Car Checks, you get so much more than a basic MOT history report. We pride ourselves on giving you as much information as possible, without paying extortionate fees. In fact, you don’t have to pay anything at all; the MOT check is completely free!

Unlike other MOT checkers, our MOT history report will provide you with information regarding test results, mileage history, current status, and much more. It’s important to receive as much information as possible when checking the history of a vehicle, and we’ve made it our mission to support you every step of the way.

Our car tax and MOT history reports come directly from the DVLA, ensuring that all records are up to date and accurate. All information will be given to you in an easy-to-read MOT report.

Why You Need An MOT Check

MOT tests are required by law every 12 months. This test helps to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive on the roads. If you do not keep up to date with your MOT tests, you are breaking the law and risk getting fined. Driving without a valid MOT is also incredibly dangerous and by doing so, you are putting yourself at risk of getting into a serious accident.

When it comes to purchasing a used car, an MOT history check will help to give you an insight into its current condition. Buying a car with a poor MOT history – or worse, no history at all – suggests that the car may cause more problems than it’s worth.

Here at Just Car Checks, you can also get a free car tax check for extra clarification. Obtaining as much information about a vehicle as possible is crucial for ensuring you’re making the right purchase decision.


Will An MOT History Check Help Used Car Buyers?

Yes – an MOT history check certainly will help used car buyers! You can perform an MOT check on any vehicle, just as long as you know its registration number. This means that you can carry out the check on a used vehicle that you are considering to buy.

When purchasing a used vehicle, it’s important to carry out a series of checks to ensure that it will be worth your money. A vehicle with a poor MOT history will suggest that it’s not fit to drive. Or, in a worst-case scenario, a vehicle with no MOT history may suggest that it has been stolen. There are many warning signs to look out for when purchasing a used car, and an MOT history check will help to highlight them.

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Will The Information Shown On An MOT Check Be Up To Date?

All information on our MOT check is up to date, in accordance with the latest information that the DVLA has. We use a live data system, meaning that you’ll never be shown outdated or invalid records.

Will The MOT Check Show Car Tax Information?

No – this MOT history check is for MOT history only. However, if you do wish to find out car tax information, we have a separate service for this. Similarly to the MOT history check, you just need to enter your car’s registration number to get details on car tax. Once again, this service is completely free of charge, unless you opt for a more thorough check. Visit our homepage for more information.

What Is Checked On An MOT?

The main goal of an MOT test is to assess your car’s performance. This includes checking:

  • Exterior and interior
  • Exhausts and gas
  • Electrics
  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Steering and suspension
  • Tyres
  • Seatbelts
  • Overall safety

If any of the above areas are faulty or fail their assessment, your MOT is unlikely to pass. This means that you’ll have to get the issue sorted before being allowed back on the roads. Please remember that driving with a faulty car is incredibly dangerous; it will put your life and the lives of others at risk.

How Long Does An MOT Remain Valid For?

Once your vehicle has passed its MOT test, it will remain valid for 12 months. You should be given an MOT certificate to prove this, which is particularly helpful if you plan on selling your car. Don’t worry if you misplace your certificate though, as your vehicle’s MOT details will automatically get uploaded to the DVLA. From here, you can perform an MOT history check through us to remind yourself when the MOT expires.

Can The Police Tell If Your MOT Has Expired?

Driving a car without a valid MOT is a criminal offence. It is well within police rights to pull you over and give you a fine.

The police use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to scan your number plate. Once scanned, they will immediately be able to see whether your car has a valid MOT and whether your car is taxed. Basically, these cameras determine whether your vehicle is allowed to legally be on the roads.

ANPR cameras can also be found on the roadside, meaning just because the police are around, doesn’t mean you won’t get caught.


How Long Can You Drive Without An MOT?

Unless your vehicle is under three years old, there are absolutely no exceptions in which driving without an MOT is allowed. Unless you are driving to your pre-booked MOT appointment, you must have a valid MOT and insurance to drive. If you get caught by a camera or the police, you’ll immediately be charged with a fine.

Can You Drive To An MOT Without An MOT?

When booking your MOT, plan it in advance, ensuring that your current MOT is still valid when it takes place. However, if this can’t be done, make sure that you have your MOT certificate and supporting documents with you. If you get pulled over by the police, they will expect you to be able to prove that you are heading to your MOT appointment. If you cannot prove where you are heading, you are likely to get fined.

Driving without an MOT, even if you are headed to your appointment, can be very dangerous. If your car is faulty and proves unsafe to drive, you may still get fined by the police. There’s no telling how the police will deal with your case, making it worthwhile to drive with a valid MOT (and insurance!) at all times.

How Can I Check When An MOT Is Due?

The best way to check when an MOT is due is through our MOT history checker. This free report takes live data from the DVLA, providing you with all of the important information regarding your vehicle’s MOT history. This includes MOT due date, current MOT status, previous test results, mileage history, and much more.

To take advantage of our free MOT checker, simply enter your registration number. You’ll receive your easy-to-read and up to date report in an instant.

How Do I Book An MOT?

Booking an MOT is a simple process that all car owners have to go through. You can either get in touch with your local garage, search for a local MOT test centre near you, or book online through reputable companies. The booking process will vary between parties, but the outcome remains the same. You will receive a date and time for your MOT; turn up to your appointment and the experts will take it from there!



How Long Does An MOT Take?

The average length of an MOT is 45 to 60 minutes. Providing that the MOT goes smoothly, the process should take no longer than an hour. More times than not, you will be contacted if there are any issues which may extend the time it takes.

What Is An Advisory Note?


Our MOT history checker will uncover any advisory notes that have occurred in the past. An advisory note relates to issues found during an MOT which are not MOT-related. This means that, although your vehicle may pass its MOT, the advisory note outlines issues that must be resolved and cannot be ignored. These issues may not be serious enough to fail the test, but they could still cause problems further down the line.
What is a refusal note?

Our MOT history checker will also show refusal note history. Refusal notes – also called VT30 forms – are given when a car fails it MOT, whether it be due to a dangerous or major fault.

If the fault is dangerous, your car cannot be driven until it is repaired. If the refusal shows a major fault, it must be repaired immediately. Either way, it is illegal to drive a car without a valid MOT, so bear this in mind if your car fails its test.

Alternatively, if you plan to purchase a car with a frequent refusal note history, you may want to reassess your decision. Constant failures imply that the car is not safe for the roads and will need expensive repairs.


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