Due to the rise in popularity in buying second hand motorcycles, it’s not surprising to learn that around 20% of motorcycles have some form of hidden history. Whether it be unrecorded damage or theft, it can be fairly hard to establish whether the motorcycle you’re purchasing is worth your money. But don’t worry – there’s something that can help you avoid motorcycle scams altogether. This ‘something’ goes by the name of a motorcycle HPI check.

What Is A HPI Check?

A HPI check is a special review that can be carried out on any used car, including motorcycles. Unlike standard vehicle registration checks, a HPI check delves into the history of the car, establishing whether it’s been involved in any foul play. This includes accessing information such as outstanding finances, previous ownership, identity and much more.

What Is Included In A HPI Check?

It’s safe to say that a HPI check is pretty thorough – it will unravel just about anything you can think of regarding the history of the car. Main areas of focus to expect in a HPI check include:

  • Outstanding finances
  • Whether it’s been written off
  • Whether it’s been scrapped
  • Whether it’s been stolen
  • Vehicle identity (VIN for free) and engine number)
  • Previous owners
  • Any registration changes
  • Mileage checks
  • Whether it’s been imported
  • The vehicle’s colour
  • MOT status (free MOT check)
  • Road tax costs
  • Fuel costs

We weren’t joking when we said a HPI check is pretty thorough! All of the above information will be sure to help you make an informed decision as to whether the vehicle is worth purchasing or not.

Why Should I Take A HPI Check?

As mentioned above, a HPI check is important to carry out when looking to purchase a used car. All of the information given to you from a HPI check will help you to establish whether the vehicle is worth your money or not.

As frustrating as it is, there are many scams circulating in the world of used cars. This is particularly the case with motorcycles, as unfortunately, they’re easier to steal and sell. Through conducting a HPI check, you will be able to see the exact history of the motorcycle, making it clear to see whether you’re involved in a scam or not.

If the information on the HPI check doesn’t match up with what the seller is saying, take it as a clear sign to move on and find a different vehicle to buy. A seller giving you false information is not a seller you want to be dealing with. You want to work with someone who is honest about the vehicle’s history, no matter what has happened.

How To Check If A Motorcycle Is Stolen

The easiest way to check if a motorcycle is stolen is by conducting a full HPI check. Sadly, free vehicle registration checks cannot tell you about the stolen history, meaning a more extensive check is needed to get this information. Here at My Car Tax Check, you can pay a small fee and gain access to the history of a motorcycle, including whether it has been stolen or not.

How To Get A Free Motorcycle Check

If paying for a motorcycle HPI check doesn’t sound like something you want to do, don’t worry. We also have a free vehicle registration check available that will give you access to more basic information. However, although slightly more basic, this information will still help you to establish whether the car is worth your precious money or not. And, not only this, but the following information will also help you to once again establish whether you’re in a car scam or not.

Here is what you can expect to receive from our free vehicle registration check:

  • MOT status and dude date
  • Motorcycle tax status and due date
  • Motorcycle registration date
  • Motorcycle make, model and colour
  • Number of gears and engine size
  • Import and export status
  • Performance data
  • And much more!

All that we need from you is either the motorcycle’s registration number (number plate) or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Type the number into our free checker and sit back as the results roll in. You’ll receive the data in a clear report that can be printed for your convenience.

How To Find Your Motorcycle’s VIN

Both cars and motorcycles have Vehicle Identification Numbers (the VIN). Although the VIN may just seem like a series of number and letters, it’s actually a special combination that helps to establish:

  • The motorcycle’s manufacturer
  • Model year
  • Place of construction
  • And much more

Similarly to a registration check, using a motorcycle’s VIN will help you to find all of the most important information about the vehicle in question.

The only distinguishing factor between a car and motorcycle VIN is the location in which it can be found. On cars, the VIN number is located in several different places; from the bonnet to the windscreen. On motorcycles, however, you can locate the VIN near the steering wheel head. The VIN will be printed onto a metal plate. Once you have the VIN, you can go ahead and use the details for a VIN check.

Ride With Confidence… Safely!

Motorcycle HPI checks are incredibly accurate reports that will help you to establish whether a motorcycle is worth purchasing or not. For absolutely anyone thinking about purchasing a secondhand motorcycle, we recommend paying for a full HPI check so that you have all the information you could possibly need to make an informed decision.

If paying a check is out of the question, however, take full advantage of our free car registration or VIN check. Both of these checks will still give you access to important information about the vehicle, but you won’t be able to dive deep into the history and establish stolen records, owner history, and so on.

No matter what information you decide to collect before purchasing a used vehicle, we can’t stress enough how important it is to perform at least one type of check. Don’t put yourself in a tricky – and potentially expensive – situation. Shop with confidence with help from a HPI check. We promise you won’t be disappointed.